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Barking Methodist Church


Sunday 23rd June, 3.30 pm
Service of Thanksgiving
for the work of the RERP
(Religious Education Resources Project) 

Grange Hill Methodist Community Centre

Sunday 14th July, 4.00 pm
Farewell Service 
Reverend Kido Baek
Goodmayes Methodist Church


Calendar Pages
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Minister's Monthly Message

Dear friends,


As I write we have just celebrated Pentecost and we’re rapidly heading towards June, then the summer (that was on Monday!), then September and …. well, I’ll stop there !!


In his letter for May, Kido mentioned the book we are using as our guide for the Circuit Easter to Pentecost Bible Study: Acts: Catching Up with the Spirit.

Our penultimate session was entitled, ‘Saints around the Edges’ and examined the ‘saints’ who had a cameo role in the story of the early church and also the many others who, often, were unnamed. (The 120 in Acts 1:15).


Those of you who attended the ‘welcome’ service for Mmasape and Kido way back in September, may remember that our theme for this year is celebrating the ‘Ministry of the whole people of God’. This is about recognising, enabling and encouraging every member and adherent within our churches to feel they have a contribution to make to the life of the Circuit and/or their local church – and to offer it. Sadly, in most churches it is 20% of the people who do 80% of the work; to use a familiar expression. This is clearly not the model emerging from our study of the early church: It wasn’t perfect but it can teach us a lot.


The example set by the early church is one where everyone was involved in one way or another, whether the role was in the spotlight or it was one which was behind the scenes. Everyone’s contribution and involvement resulted in a church community where, ‘the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved’. (Acts 2: 47). Through each person playing their part, each member can give their full time and effort to one area, rather than having to spread themselves over many different roles and be less effective. (See Acts 6 and the choosing of the first Deacons!) 


Paul echoes this sentiment in 1 Cor 12 where he talks of there being one body but many parts … and all of us have a part to play in the Life, Ministry & Mission of God’s Church – whether it’s a greater or lesser part. Remember, each part is crucial to the effective life of the body of Christ – the Church. Obviously, a body cannot function if every part of it is not fulfilling the role it was created to do or if every part is wanting to do the same thing.


God’s challenge to each of us is, ‘am I fulfilling the role or ministry that God has called me for?’ As Lynn and I consider our future ministry, we must discern where God wants us to be, whether that is in the BD&I Circuit or if it is time to move on in 2025? Whatever we are trying to discern or decide, it is not an easy task and requires us to be open and focused on what God is saying and where He is calling us to be.


The Ministry of the whole people of God requires us all to commit to the full life of the local church, Circuit and world-wide church; it requires us to support the work of God through prayer, fellowship and the practical roles which need our attention: Our ministry is to serve God’s Kingdom.


And all this we do, not in our own strength but in the power of the Holy Spirit who was given you God’s Church (i.e. You & Me) at Pentecost. The Holy Spirit was/is given by a generous God, not just at Pentecost but continually, so that we may have the energy, grace, love and power to be the disciples God calls us to be; serving in the places He needs us to be.


At a time when church membership is decreasing, it is even more important that we encourage and enable each other to play their part. To recognise and affirm the ‘saints around the edges’ who rarely step into the spotlight but without whom our church would struggle even more than we do now.


So let us commit ourselves to the guidance and resourcing of the Holy Spirit, that we might all be fulfilling the Ministry which God has called us to with joy and peace.


May God bless you all.



Barking, Dagenham and Ilford Circuit

We are a friendly family of nine churches and one community centre: Barking, Ilford, Goodmayes, Gantshill, Barkingside, The Drive, Seven Kings, Beacontree Heath and Old Dagenham Methodist Churches and Grange Hill Methodist Church Project. We serve communities across Barking, Dagenham and Ilford with membership that spans all ages. Our members come from many different countries and backgrounds and we aim to help everyone feel at home. We are part of the wider Methodist Church in Britain and belong to London District of the Methodist Church. The Circuit oversees, supports and resources local churches in living out our mission and calling. Our Circuit office is located at Beacontree Heath Methodist Church. Methodist Circuits are also grouped into Districts, and this Circuit comes under the London District (headquarters in Westminster).

Our Vision

To be welcoming congregations where all (young, families and elderly) grow in the knowledge, love and service of Christ; speaking and living out a unified vision of God’s kingdom within the BDI Circuit in line with “our calling” in the Methodist Church. 

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Our Mission

To seek to enable its local churches to respond to the Gospel of God’s love in Christ and to live out its discipleship in worship and mission. The Circuit endeavours to realise this policy through managing its resources effectively, stimulating vision and encouraging mission initiatives. 

Growth in our Spiritual life through


Pastoral Care


Youth Work


Community Outreach

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Our Priorities

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